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The Testing Process

Image: The Dietx machine

I use a Dietx machine to test you, which is an Electro-dermal screening machine.  This machine is a newer version of the vega machine and presses an acupunture point on your hand.  I do not piece the skin.  The testing is not painful, non-invasive and comfortable.

I test at least 200 foods, food components and drinks, 60 common additives, all alcoholic drinks and any product that might aggravate symptoms, e.g. washing products, fabric conditioners, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, air fresheners, fragranced candles, polishes and cleaning sprays.

Food ampoules are placed into the circuit of the machine and if the food item does not agree with you it creates an abnormal reading in the circuit which is known as a resistance.  The result of this test will pinpoint potential foods that need to be eliminated from your diet to see if they are a problem.

If further information is required, please email me.

Tel. No.: 077 4087 1612

Address: 15 Malling Way
                Hayes, Bromley, Kent
                BR2 7PJ
Email: pauline.mills55@gmail.com

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