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07/08/2017  Female - 54 years - Bloating and wind
I stuck rigidly to my foods and cut out everything except my morning tea.  It has made a huge difference.  I didnt take the acidophilus because of everything else I have been taking recently.   I do plan on starting this though, however I feel so much better in myself.  

I can't say I have even missed anything. I am going to continue


02/08/2016 Female - 47 years - Constipation, anxiety and headaches
I suspected about the wheat but the chocolate was the real surprise.  Since taking it out I have had no constipation after years of pain.  No headaches, sleeping better and no anxiety or that panic feeling at all.  I am so pleased I am taking my sister to see Pauline.

26/07/17   - Female - 70 years - IBS
Thank you for the information it was a pleasure to meet with you yesterday.  I found the appointment very informative and so useful. 

12/07/17 –  Female – Runny nose, cough and painful joints

Pauline Mills was recommended to me by a friend and I bless the day I went to see her.  I had been suffering from a constant runny nose, cough and painful joints for a long time.  In the last year and a half things got really bad and I was finally diagnosed with Gerd and Bronchiectasis.  Things did not really get any better.  I was referred for allergy and blood tests.  Nothing showed up.  I cut out a lot of foods and was on a very restricted diet.  I just wanted to feel better, breathe easier and stop coughing. 

Then I went to see Pauline – I was a bit sceptical – but by now I was willing to try anything.  I only told Pauline about my diagnosis’s and that I had cut out foods that I knew made me worse.  But as soon as she tested these foods i.e. tomatoes, oranges, wheat and many other foods, the needle on the machine showed that I was intolerant to these foods.  I was sceptical no longer.  It was so good to know for sure why I suffered when I ate these and many more foods.  A few surprises came up along the way.  It turned out I was intolerant to fabric conditioner and scented candles. 

Pauline asked me to remove the candles from my room and stop using fabric conditioner.  Instantly my runny nose stopped and I could breathe more easily. 

I went back to Pauline for a follow up with a big bag of cleaning products, shampoo etc – all at no extra charge.  I can honestly say this was the best £90 I have spent.  I learnt more in 2-3 hours with her than all the allergy testing and blood tests I had had in the whole year and half before. 

My friends and family have seen a big change in me.  I do not want anyone to suffer like I did.  I wish I had gone sooner. 

Thank you Pauline for working your magic on me and giving me my life back. 

 02/07/17 – Female – Stomach issues

I’ve cut out all dairy and bleached wheat and after 3 days my stomach issues have cleared up. I am really pleased. 

30/06/17 – Female – Bloating – Rhinitis

I just wanted to update you after 5 weeks.  I have totally cut out all the things you told me to.  I have not felt ill what so ever and back to my normal self.  Many thanks

 22/06/17 - Female – Abdominal pain

I just wanted to say thank you for seeing me again 2 weeks ago. I have stopped drinking coffee and the pains have improved so much. 

 20/05/17 – Child – Eczema

Just wanted to say thanks so much for all the help you’ve given us with our child’s diet so far.  Her hands and face are so much better, her concentration has improved and she has much more energy. 

 01/05/2017 – Female – Facial spots

I’m the lady you saw on Tuesday and I was intolerant to tea.  I have not drunk tea since and the difference in my skin is significant. It’s like a miracle.  The redness is disappearing with much less spots. One of the best things about coming to see you is that you discounted things like dairy and gluten.  Now I can relax knowing they are not a problem.  So thank you again for everything.  

 06/05/17  - Female – cough

I haven’t had any tea since Thursday and already my throat seems a lot less sore.  I didn’t manage to sort out my bedding til Monday but now my cough has almost gone.  It’s all very exciting. 

 29/04/17 – Female – Sinusitis

Since I’ve cut out cow’s milk my sinusitis has disappeared, my thrush has gone, my eyes no longer itch and I feel less tired.  I just wanted to say thank you – it was the best thing we could’ve done. 

 09/04/2017 – Female – Facial spots

My face has cleared up!  It’s been so bad since October with no improvement.  Since I saw you I stopped using the cream I was given and just followed the diet you gave me.  Literally my face just cleared up and hardly a blemish left.  I am so pleased.  Thanks you. 

 21/03/17 – Female – Rheumatoid Arthritis

Since I say you in November last year my symptoms have improved enormously.  I saw my rheumatologist last month and told him I have taken myself off my medication and regular blood tests had not indicated any raised markers.  He said he was happy with that.  Needless to say, I am delighted at how things are.  The changes to my diet have not been too erroneous.    

 23/02/17 – Male children  – child 1) ADHD – child 2) diarrhoea

Wow what a change.  Child 1) has gone to sleep straight away for the past 4 days.  Child 2) Nappies are normal.  Thanks for your help. 

06/12/16 – A family – various symptoms

All my family are doing well, you really did assist all of us.  I’ve recently recommended you again to a few more people and know you will work your magic.  You really do change people’s lives.  Forever in your debt. 

 14/11/16 – Female – Stomach pains

You have completely changed my life.  I feel so much happier in myself and now not worried each time I eat whether I am going to be in pain.  I just keep to your simple tracking rules. Many thanks. 

 07/11/16 – Female – Psoriasis and eczema

I wanted to provide you with positive feedback and to thank you. Your advice was very beneficial and my symptoms have mostly either cleared up or substantially improved. The psoriasis and eczema on my face, feet, hands and elbows have gone.  So all in all I am very glad I came to see you.  Thank you. 

 13/07/16 – Female – Stomach issues

Thank you so much for seeing me. I have been raving about how amazing you are and how much better I feel.  Thank you so much for your help.

23/05/16 – Male – Itching – skin complaint

I am pleased to say that the extreme itching has subsided to almost nothing. The red patches have also subsided.  I also feel less foggy in the morning and have more energy. It was the best decision I have made to come and see you and still am amazed at the way the test works. Many thanks for identifying the cause of my problems.

 08/04/16 – Female – Stomach issues

My stomach is much better since you tested me.  Thanks.

 05/04/16 – Female – Skin issues

My skin has calmed down massively – thanks

 15/02/16 – Female – Headaches

I can’t tell you how pleased I am I came to see you.  After 2 weeks coming off the MSG and aspartame the headaches have gone.  Thank you so much for all you did for me.  

09/02/16 – Female – Bloating

My stomach is much better I don’t feel bloated and feel less foggy.  I’ve also lost 4lbs.  I have recommended you to several friends.  Thanks again.

 26/2/15 - Male 62 - constand catarrh

I was originally a little sceptical that Pauline would be able to identify the cause of the problems i was having with constant catarrh.  This resulted in a permanent bad taste and bad breath.  However, her tests showed that I was intolerant mainly to caffeine.  I immediately switched to decaf tea and coffee and within a few days these symptoms disappeared.  I now feel far more confident in company as by breath has significantly improved.  Certainly money well spent.

23/2/15 - Three boys 10, 8 & 3 - ADHD and one constant  upset bowels
Just wanted to say wow what a change.  John's nappies are normal and James has gone to sleep straight away for the past 4 days!!  Both older boys have done really well with the change, they will both look at the ingredients to see if they can eat or drink it.  I think this 3 months will fly by.  Thanks for your help.

28/11/14  - Father re visit to son age 5 - itchy and eczema
Thank you very much for your visit and your thorough investigation.  I just have to say, I am very much impressed.  I have seen a number of different medical approaches, also for private patients etc., but very seldom such a detailed analysis.

1/11/4  - female - 29 - Acne

Hi thought I would give you and update.  Had a headache for two days after I saw you but ever since I have felt great.  More energy, no bloating, no headaches, no new spots and my period is due on tomorrow so it is pretty amazing.  My skin looks 100 times better, no new spots at all just a few old ones that are healing and nearly gone.

 Aged 27 female 

I came to Pauline with awful abdominal discomfort, bloating, wind urgency going to the toilet.  I also was Irritable, had mood swings and a lack of concentration and terrible tirdness.  I was intolerant to Dairy, Oranges, Artificial falvours and some wines.  After three months of following the diet advised I can now eat small amounts of these foods each day and have none of my symptoms.  I feel so well and have so much energy.  My family cannot believe the change in me.

 Aged 25 male

I had problems with Eczema, rashes and itching.  Also mood problems and was always so tired.  Pauline found I was reacting to some foods (yeast, cheese, Tea, Coffee and some E numbers) and also some environmental products (frangrances, dust and feathers).  Within a week all my problems had gone and after the three months I could go back on the foods.  It has made such a difference to me.

Jo - Aged 64 female

Three months ago I consulted with Pauline  -  not because I was feeling ill but more out of general interest, as I have arthritis and had heard that diet can have an effect on this condition. She found I was intolerant to: dairy products (i.e. cow, not goat or sheep products), caffeine, orange, cocoa and aspartame (E951).  The testing was incredibly thorough and Pauline explained everything so well, giving some recommendations for products which could be used instead of the "baddies", that it didn't seem at all daunting.   Following her advice I have been on a 3-month detox and have been back to see her for review. The result? Still intolerant to caffeine, orange and aspartame, products to therefore be avoided long-term  -  not a problem from my point of view as I'm happy with decaff tea or green tea and can live without orange, and probably don't really buy anything containing aspartame. My tolerance to dairy and cocoa has improved, so I can have small amounts on the odd occasion, e.g. eating out, which will make life easier. Best of all ........... I have so far lost 12lb, my arthritic left hand is much more flexible and I am feeling great!! 

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