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Adult Fee:                  £150.00 

Child Fee:                  £150.00

Subsequent testing   £75.00 - Adult

Subsequent testing   £75.00 - Child

There is a discount (£15 per person) available if two people are tested at the same session for a 1st double appointment only - not retest doubles.  

I do not undertake home visits.

UPDATE WAITING LIST:  I am testing people,  however, I have a waiting list of about 2 months for new customers.  There is no waiting list for people I have seen before and are therefore, retests.   Also I am now only working a couple of days a week, as semi-retired.  However, I do also have colleagues that I can refer you too, whom I trained and have been testing for several years and have good references.  If you would like their details please email me (email address is below).  If you would like to be added to my waiting list then also email me.

Tel. No.: 077 4087 1612

Address: 15 Malling Way
                Hayes, Bromley, Kent
                BR2 7PJ
Email: pauline.mills55@gmail.com

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