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Testing Children

Most children cope very well with this form of testing.  It does not hurt, and they like taking 'centre stage'.  The machine is very interesting to them and I let them help me put it together and show them how it works and the funny noises it can make.

I am very experienced with children, having two grown up children of my own and two grandchildren.  Over the years I have been a party entertainer, dance teacher and helped run a mothers and childrens group.  I make the testing fun for the children and they really enjoy it.

Prior to the visit I will go through everything with the parent, so they feel relaxed with what is going to happen with the test.  Also some of the form filling can be done by phone prior to the test and if necessary further advice that is necessary can also be done over the phone if the child becomes restless.  This enables the parent to take on board the information that I am imparting.

By tailoring the consultation to the child rather than vice versa, we can get the best outcome for all.  Therefore the time for the testing depends on the child and can vary.  

I usually start by just getting to know the child and relaxing them.  I show them that the test will not be painful at all and that we can have fun with it.

I can test babies from a few months old, breast-fed or bottle-fed, partially or fully weaned.  If testing a breast fed baby, I will need to test everything that the mother eats, as the baby may be reacting to a food that the mother eats. 

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